• Association of Jesuit Refugee Service in Romania

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Along with the emotional support that refugees find in our accompany, our efforts are mainly focused to direct the services to the ones in most need. These services are designed to help in the integration process and to provide emergency assistance for immediate needs and the ones not covered by other organizations or the state.
We provide financial support to cover medical needs, food and clothing, accommodation, school supplies and items needed in a household, transport etc. We also offer accommodation in Pedro Arrupe Center for men, single women and families with children. We give scholarships and provide financial support for vocational training or other skills. We give Romanian language courses, English, German etc. as well as courses and workshops to encourage hand-made and various hobbies or talents; we celebrate with them the most important events and conduct workshops of culinary or cultural orientation sessions. We provide help for obtaining citizenship or residency in order to acquire various social benefits. We provide legal advice and specialized lawyers who represent our clients in court and in interviews.

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