• Association of Jesuit Refugee Service in Romania

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Encouraged by the positive changes determined by advocacy activities during these last years and also given the deficiencies identified in practice and in law by working directly with refugees, we want to promote public policies based on sustainability, consistency and uniformity in practice, to defend sets of rules that protect the rights of refugees and migrants, not least, to encourage the application of European standards.
In Romania, certain categories of refugees and migrants are deprived of basic living conditions and prohibited of basic fundamental rights. They are left so vulnerable as a consequence of the laws and politics. Their exclusion from society leads to dependence on NGOs assistance to survive. Moreover, there is no governmental or nongovernmental programs through which they receive assistance, becoming even more so a spiral in and on marginalization.
JRS monitors refugees access to the asylum system and is present at the Romanian border with the non-EU countries. It identifies deficiencies in the asylum procedure and the quality of decisions and also surveys the conditions of open and closed reception centers (accommodation, food, healthcare, cleaning, food allowances, etc.). JRS is actively involved in promoting alternatives to taking in detention, ensuring the realistic benefiting of basic rights by people tolerated (employment and housing), sustainable policies on integration and the establishment of clear rules on acquisition citizenship or rights of stateless persons.

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