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To accompany means to be a friend. Since we are companions of Jesus, we are friends of those to whom we provide our services: poor and marginalized refugees and asylum seekers. The main work of JRS Romania is to accompany these people on a journey that is physical, spiritual and emotional.

In this work, JRS seeks to understand the unique needs of every individual, which often appear forgotten by the institutions and policies that refugees and asylum seekers confront in their journeys. We aim to help them regain their dignity, enable them to focus on their future, and reflect constructively on the circumstances of their past.

Refugees and asylum seekers are accompanied by our specialised staff or trained volunteers. They help them enrol with a family doctor, have medical examinations, and accompany them to court and interviews with the authorities. Our staff also attend visits to local authorities alongside refugees and asylum seekers, therefore enabling them to benefit from their social rights, as well as mediate between them and the administrative authorities, teachers or other organisations.

We regularly visit refugees and asylum seekers in detention centres and offer daily counseling in open centres.

The JRS office in Bucharest is open every day and refugees and asylum seekers can visit us directly or call the office.

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