This year’s World Day of Migrants and Refugees, which is the 101 th anniversary, has the theme Church without borders: the mother of all” launched in the message of Pope Francis dedicated this day.

World Day of Migrants and Refugees was established in 1914 after the start of World War I, by Pope Benedict XV.

We live in an age where migration has become very large, a large number of people leaving the place of origin and undertake risky journey of hope in search of better living conditions. But often this social phenomenon is viewed with suspicion and hostility, even ecclesial communities before known life histories, persecution and deprivation people involved. Religion urges receive respect and solidarity with needy stranger.

Multicultural nature of today’s society encourages the church to take on new commitments of solidarity and communion to ensure harmonious coexistence between people and cultures.

This day provides an opportunity to reflect on the growing phenomenon of migration. Dimensions affected by migratory movements cause a systematic collaboration involving both government institutions alike, and international organizations to effectively manage and regulate this phenomenon. Collaboration at various levels is important to adopt normative instruments to protect migrants.

Globalization migratory phenomenon must answer to globalization charity and forms of cooperation. It must also intensify efforts to create appropriate conditions for ensuring a progressive decrease of the reasons that cause whole populations to leave their homeland because of war and deprivation.

Today, according to statistics, approximately one billion people are migrants, and of these about three million are Romanian.

It is important that the effort that each country should do, to create better economic and social conditions in the country, so that emigration is not the only option for those who seek peace, justice, security and full compliance human dignity. Creating opportunities for employment in sectors of the local economy will avoid separation of families and ensure stability conditions for individuals and for communities, said the message of Pope Francis dedicated this day.

This category of people is dedicated to him one day by t050615-N-0000X- 001he United Nations International Migrants Day marked on 18 December.

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