My Place Center

Name of the project : “My Place – Multifunctional Cultural Centre – a bridge for integrating TCNs in Romania”

Project description:

The project proposes the creation of a Multifunctional Cultural Centre (the Centre) to be an appropriate place to conduct three main categories of activities (socio-cultural, socio-educational, socio-recreational) for children, youth and adults, including vulnerable persons among people of third -country nationals (TCNs).

The project has four main components: creating the Multifunctional Cultural Center; development and implementation of an information campaign in order to inform and involve TCNs in the cluster, and to promote activities of the Multifunctional Cultural Center; develop and implement activities tailored with TCNs in the Centre; support activities in the project.

Events and activities that will take place in the Center are intended to be tailored to the needs of TCNs, giving them the opportunity to feel like a big family that do not lose their multicultural national identity, but to make their own known to all the others. All these activities will be performed by specialized personnel, by default among TCNs communities.

The impact of this project is largely due to the pleasant environment created by engaging TCN in activities directly to different environments at home or at school, but also because organized activities will take into account the cultural specificities of the TCNs, through regular consultation with them.

The space made ​​available consist of two buildings and the land – owned by organization JRS Romania and does not require costs to rent. Space will require minimum equipment design and the equipment necessary for the operation thereof according to the objectives are set by the project. The building is located in semi-central area of the city, making it easily accessible to beneficiaries. Program activities will take into account the availability and preferences of TCN.

At the same time, information and promotion campaign aimed at bringing the Centre in the middle of beneficiaries (TCN), information concerning the opening of the center and the range of cultural, social and recreational activities of the Centre to promote the advantages and benefits of involvement and participation in the activities of Center. Also the campaign will help attract migrants and decrease the feelings of reluctance and resistance to change that a major part of potential beneficiaries of the project are facing. Information and promotion campaign for the Multifunctional Cultural Centre will also have beneficial effects on the integration of migrants in terms of improving cooperation with TCN – the host society and the degree of tolerance.

The project aims (objectives):

• Support TCN communities by creating and developing a Multifunctional Cultural Centre as the heart of social, recreational, educational and cultural activities aimed to TCN in order to facilitate the existence of a suitable environment for leveraging the activities of TCN (multicultural and intercultural) with their direct support and involvement.

• Creating opportunities in order to support the socio-cultural, socio-educational, socio-recreational of TCN in a multifunctional cultural center established in Bucharest.

• Inform TCN communities on the center activities, the benefits of involvement and the benefits of participating in the activities of the Centre and promoting the Centre and its activities in the community through information and promotion campaigns.

• Promoting intercultural dialogue within TCN communities by organizing specific activities, and promoting active participation in the community life of which they are part of.

• Contributing to creation of a more open, more accountable and more informed designed to facilitate the bidirectional integration of TCN and increasing socio-cultural cohesion through dissemination of information materials by non-state actors active in the field of integration and TCN.

• Improved visibility and communication between the host society and the TCN multiplier effect resulting from participation of TCN in the activities developed by the Multifunctional Cultural Center and by organizing events and workshops in the Centre and create events and materials that will promote the project’s results.

Target group:

1 The main target group:

The target group of the project is the TCNs legally residing in the counties Bucharest (19,288 people) and Ilfov County (4,182 persons), and in other counties, including TCNs with permanent residence visa for family reunification, students, pupils and the ones with employment or family members of Romanian citizens, etc. Most of them come from, according to official statistics, from countries like Moldova, Turkey, Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, China etc.

2 secondary target group:

The indirect beneficiaries of the project will be the family members of Romanian citizens TCN, the media, institutions and NGOs working in the integration of TCNs, associations of foreigners, local communities and the Romanian society in general.

Project activities:

Activities implemented in the period 01.07.2014 – 30.06.2015 are as follows:

• Activities to support the implementation of the project.

• Maintenance of Multifunctional Cultural Center

• Promote activities of the Multifunctional Cultural Centre.

• Socio-cultural activities: Multicultural events, Fairs, Culinary evenings, Teahouse & Library.

• Social and recreational activities: Sports, Activities Children & Nursery, Internet Cafe, Cultural Cinema.

• Socio-educational activities

• Thematic meetings and Workshops – Social aspects concerning the integration of the TCN in the Romanian society: Workshops on Creativity / Socio-therapy – education through art. Events are at the request of TCN.

Expected results in phase II:

Maintenance of Multifunctional Cultural Center Stage 1 : initial standards in order to continue the socio-cultural, socio-recreational, social and educational needs of TCN in Romania.

Information and consultation with communities TCN, foreign students / student associations / colleges and diplomats / embassies etc. contact TCN through cultural mediators / facilitators / trained volunteers; adapt activities to the needs of TCN; summarizing their proposals for adapting the activities that will take place in the center of their requirements.

Updating and adapting creative concepts and self identity campaigns designed and implemented by the MyPlace Center.

Information and promotional campaigns implemented, TCN and target group indirectly informed.

Events created with specific topics for each culture, highlighting the talents of beneficiaries and promoting intercultural communication, the creation of informal environments that provide the opportunity to meet others and to share your experiences and make friends.

Sports games on the arranged field developing important skills in the development of minors, skills developed through non-formal education, maintaining close ties with family or close friends, freely access information of interest to TCN, and other facilities offered by the virtual library and a first cultural cinema for TCN.

Creating an appropriate environment for discussing socio-educational topics of interest to beneficiaries, acquiring necessary information for integration within a new society / distinctly develop creativity / personality / social-emotional interactions of TCN.

At least 500 TCN beneficiaries of the activities held by MyPlace Center.

Contract no: ref: IF / 12.02-04.01 / 2013

General Program: “Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows” – European Fund for Integration of Third Country Nationals ( TCN )

Project implementation period lasts two years and is implemented as follows:

Stage One: 10.07.2013 – 30.06.2014

Stage Two: 01.07.2014 – 30.06.2015

Project budget:

Stage II: 710,080.85 RON

The project is implemented by Association JRS Romania

Project Partner: Association Novapolis

Locations: Romania, Bucharest – My Place Multifunctional Cultural Center

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