Immigration and Return

Name of the project : “Cooperation in the fight against illegal immigration and return application”

The specific objective is to develop cooperation between the participants involved, as well as law enforcement authorities, courts, international organizations and NGOs, mainly through exchange of best practices and information, case studies, etc.

The target group of the project consists of employees of the General Inspectorate for Immigration with responsibilities in combating illegal stay and return of illegally staying foreigners in Romania, the staff of the relevant local and central public authorities with responsibilities in terms of public order and national security, magistrates (judges and prosecutors), other international organizations and non-governmental representatives, future practitioners.

Project activities:

1. assessment requirements of the target group – through demand or request for views from representatives of the target group by wearing bilateral talks and organizing a joint session of consultations. The evaluation includes a brief presentation of the project framework, minutes of meetings, the final material is at the base of making plan for thematic events. Consultation is considering contacting and talking to at least four entities competent in the field.

2. organizing at least four events consultation sessions / seminars on exchange of best practices and information on procedures and jurisprudence in combating illegal immigration and return targeting legal and procedural aspects in the field, presenting case studies and relevant jurisprudence. Based on requirements made​​, the discussion will consider any deficiencies occurred in practice to identify joint solutions that might help solve or minimize their impact if such solutions are not identified;

3. disseminating relevant information through a minimum of two specialized publications (national legislation and jurisprudence), a minimum of two sessions and dissemination of information to achieve a final session.

4. implementation of support activities – procurement, finance / accounting / audit, coordinating and providing project visibility

Expected results: consultation and involvement of at least six entities with relevant expertise, organization of eight events for at least 150 participants, ensure a minimum of two publications etc.

Contract number ref: RF / 13.01-07.01

General Program “Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows” – European Return Fund

Project implementation period: 14.08.2014-30.06.2015

Project Budget: 167,497.67 RON;

The project is implemented by: Association of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in Romania

Location: Bucharest, Romania

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