3/12/2014 VATICAN CITY (VIS) – For the first time in history, leaders of the main religions of the world gathered in the Vatican, on the morning of Tuesday, December 2, 2014, in order to eliminate modern day slavery.

The International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, a ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Casina Pio IV in the Vatican Gardens for the Declaration religious leaders against slavery. This solemn act comes after the agreement signed on March 17 in the Vatican to eradicate by 2020, modern forms of slavery and human trafficking. Declaration of December 2 was signed by Pope Francis, along with eminent representatives of Orthodox, Anglican, Hebrew, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu.

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In his speech, Pope Francis began thanking all religious leaders for their commitment to assist survivors of trafficking, and all those present for their active participation in this act of brotherhood, “especially to our brothers who suffer the most more “. “Inspired by our religious confessions, we are gathered here today for a historic initiative and to take concrete action: to declare that we work together to eradicate the terrible scourge of modern slavery in all its forms. Exploitation of physical, economic, sexual and psychological men, women and children suffering now tens of millions of people is a form of dehumanization and humiliation. “
“Despite the great efforts of many modern day slavery continues to be a terrible plague widely present throughout the world, and tourism; this crime is often hidden in seemingly accepted habits, but the reality is that it makes victims through prostitution, trafficking, forced labor, slavery work, mutilation, organ trafficking, abuse and exploitation of children through work. It is hidden behind closed doors, in some houses, the streets, in cars, in factories, in fields, in fishing boats and many other places. And occurs both in cities and in villages, slums richest and the poorest nations in the world. And the worst thing is that unfortunately the situation worsens every day, “the Pontiff drew attention.
“Supported by our religious confessions ideals and shared our human values, we all can and should raise the banners of our spiritual values, of our joint efforts, our vision of liberating, to eradicate slavery on our planet. I pray that the Lord give us grace to become ‘close’ to all persons, without exception, and to provide active support whenever we meet on our way an elderly person abandoned by all; enslaved and mistreated worker; a refugee trapped in crime; a young man walking on the streets of the world, victims of the sex trade; a man or a woman deceived into prostitution to people without fear of God; a child’s organs mutilated. All of them appeal to our consciences, recalling the Lord’s voice: Truly I tell you, whatever you did one of the smaller brethren, you did to me. “
Source: catholica.ro

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