Mandate and mission

As an association with humanitarian, governmental, independent, non-profit, apolitical and democratic goals, JRS Romania aims to support and promote fundamental human rights, in particular for refugees and migrants.

Our mission is to accompany, serve and defend the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants upon their arrival in Romania, and advocate their cause to the authorities and civil society. This mission encompasses all persons forced to leave their home country because of human rights violations, as well as people coming into Romania for work, education or other economic activities.

Our goal is to provide professional and effective services to those who find themselves displaced, and especially to the most vulnerable – whose needs are more urgent. JRS Romania pays particular attention to people who are in difficult situations, such as forced migration or detention, and seek to help those who want to start a new life in Romania.

In this context, JRS Romania seeks to raise the standards of service offered to these vulnerable people, at the strategic level, with particular focus on the search and application of sustainable solutions, such as: resettlement, better integration and adaptation of refugees, as well as voluntary repatriation.

In order to achieve its mission, JRS Romania aims:

  • To initiate and implement assistance activities and social counselling, legal, psychological, medical, pastoral and spiritual, and any other activities for the benefit of refugees and migrants.
  • To contribute to more rapid integration into society through various means (financial aid, educational programs, psychological support, etc.)
  • To participate in the operations of repatriation, resettlement and relocation, when necessary, and the reintegration of returnees into society.
  • To initiate and develop cultural groups, and to create and maintain links between refugees from different backgrounds and to help them in their efforts to integrate.
  • To encourage and contribute to their training or
  • To raise awareness and inform the Romanian and international public opinion on the situation of refugees through publications, conferences, seminars, round tables, etc.
  • To organise activities for young people, and other age groups, to educate and involve them in volunteer work, and support the refugees and migrants.
  • To develop programs and links with state authorities and private organisations
  • To fundraise towards the financing of activities, in accordance with the law.
  • To carry out any other activity that may contribute to the fulfilment of the purpose for which JRS was established, in accordance with the law.

Though these goals JRS aims to help develop and progress civil society by supporting both the public sector and private sector.

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