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“God was born in exile” and what do we do?

In the middle of the nihilist twentieth century, the slogan “God is dead!” Converted both in legimit emphatic identity of any atheist, but also in a helpless cry in front of the biggest atrocities in human history, someone wrote a prophetic book entitled “God was born in exile.” The author was the Romanian writer Horia Vintilă and the main character in the book was a romanian, ancient poet Ovid. But both the Romanian writer and Romanian character, had something in common exile in Spain for one ran in Romania after the Second World War, and our poet in Tomis, or Constanta today, being cast away from Rome. And share something else: a joint search for a life away from their respective homelands: Rome for one, Romania to another.
An miraculously and conveniently reply found no one, nor the other, not two thousand years ago, and not in our time. Instead, they both got a bad news and good one. The bad news is the dramatic reality of exile, in all its forms yesterday and today, from the mass deportations to emigration in the desperation for survival. Instead the right is literally evanghelion, that is the good news for those who believe, that his Word made ​​true, “God was born in exile” and dwelt among us. But if we truly believe, then what do we actually do in our country for the ones in exile during our time?
Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) sees in Romania not only a place where people emigrate or trying to reach for a lack of alternatives, but primarily a blessed place where people can live together. And this starts simply by giving and receiving welcome the ones that you ask for help as much as you can, regardless of their country of origin. If for Lucian Blaga “eternity was born in the village”, JRS believes that the same is true for the hospitality, this time in the context of the “global village” of contemporary : serve, accompany and advocate for one seeking refuge, even if they are temporarily in the country. Tell me how to get, to tell you how you love your neighbor, especially when he comes on from far away!
Welcome from whereever you come! Help us receive them as we want to be welcomed!

Marius Talos SJ,
President JRS Romania

Marius Talos

Marius Taloș (n. 1970)
Președinte JRS România din 2013
Preot iezuit
Moto: „servește, însoțește, pledează!”

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