01.12.2014 , Istanbul ( Catholica ) - Pope Francis last stage of the journey was the meeting in Turkey , in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Istanbul with a group of about a hundred young refugees assisted by Salesian Oratory in this city .

Greeting the young , the Pontiff said that he really wanted this meeting : "I would have liked to meet and other refugees, but it was not possible to do otherwise ... You are here as representatives of hundreds of people your age , many of whom are refugees and fugitives , assisted by the Salesians daily . I would like to manifest my participation in your suffering and I hope that this visit of mine, with God's grace can to give you some comfort in your difficult situation,en . " " It is sad consequence exasperated conflict and war , which is always wrong and is never a solution to the problem , and even create more. " " Refugees , like you ," he went on , " are often lacking , sometimes for a while long basic goods : a worthy home , health care , education, job. They had to leave not only material realities , but rather freedom , close relatives , their environment and cultural traditions . Degrading conditions in which so many refugees have to live are intolerable ! " Pope launched an appeal for so remove the causes of this reality . " Called for greater international convergence meant to solve conflicts bloodshed your country of origin, to contrast other causes that cause people to leave their homeland and promote conditions that can to stay or to return. I encourage all those who work with generosity and loyalty for justice and peace not to be discouraged . I ask political leaders to take into account that the vast majority of their populations aspire to peace , even if sometimes have no power and voice to ask for it ! " " Dear young people , do not be discouraged . It's easy to say this,,en,With God's help,,en , but make an effort to not be discouraged . With God's help , continue to hope for a better future , despite the difficulties and obstacles that we face now . Catholic Church , and the precious work of the Salesians , stay close and , apart from other benefits , allows you to take care of your education and training . Always remember that God does not forget any of his sons, and the youngest and most sufferers are closer to the heart of His Father . "

The complete speech can be accessed at the following link :

Discursul Papei la întâlnirea cu tinerii refugiaţi

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