In the past few years we have noticed the success of advocacy, on behalf of vulnerable people, in bringing about positive change. Driven by this, and given the unequal treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in law and practice, we strive to: promote policies based on sustainability, consistency and uniformity in practice; defend sets of rules that protect the rights of refugees and migrants; and encourage the application of standards defined by European Union laws and statutes.

In Romania, certain categories of refugees and asylum seekers are deprived of basic living conditions, and sometimes denied their fundamental rights, leaving them vulnerable. Their exclusion from society leads to dependence on the assistance of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to survive. Moreover, there is often an absence of governmental programs through which they can receive assistance, resulting in their situation rapidly worsening.

JRS is present at the Romanian border with the non-EU countries and monitors refugees’ access to the asylum system. We identify deficiencies in the asylum procedure and the quality of decisions made, and also survey the conditions of open and closed refugee centres (such as the standard of accommodation, food, healthcare, cleaning and food allowances).

We are particularly involved in promoting alternatives to transferring refugees to detention centres, and work to ensure that their basic rights are upheld. We believe this can be achieved through forming sustainable policies on integration and the creation of clear rules on acquiring citizenship, as well as establishing the explicit rights of stateless persons.

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