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The first working meeting on Wednesday, March 14, in the near-completed building of the new Pedro Arrupe Center, was to place the point on “J”: that is, the “J” at JRS. This letter is actually the common element of the two logos that will be represented at the entrance to the new center: the SJ for the Jesuits and the JRS, the Jesuit Service for Refugees respectively.
It was natural that the inaugural activity of the new headquarters on Ilie Opris Street 54 would bring together the Jesuits in Bucharest and the members of the JRS team, having as guests special guests Michael Bugeja, the Jesuits responsible in Romania and Jean-Paul Hernandez , the coordinator of the apostolic project of Jesuits in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

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All together, the four orientations of the initiatives promoted by the Jesuits were also declined: their explicit Christian inspiration; the focus on personal and collective discernment in selecting and assuming activities; the promotion of human rights and social equity in a world marked by abuses and flagrant corruption cases; the attempt to transform cultural mentalities through the creation of a meeting space, meditation and dialogue.
JRS representatives were able to see from their own experience how these guidelines appeared as novelty only at the formulation level, since the echoes of each dimension are found in the characteristics of their mission to accompany, serve and plead for thousands of men and women, adults designated as generic refugees.

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The realism of these considerations has been found both in the authenticity of the exchanges and in their classification according to the SWOT model: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. In short, the newly created structure allows for a threefold synergy: between professionals and dedicated people, serving a target not only for refugees but also for the local public wishing to be informed and educated, with activities proposed in the educational and training fields and socially alike.

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