In 2014 there was an increase in the number of immigrants arriving by sea in Romania. Thus, 314 persons asked the Romanian state protection, many of them children and women from countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia and Pakistan.

JRS Romania has witnessed this phenomenon which has developed in Romania by visits conducted at border crossings.
By raising public awareness, we managed to collect clothing and basic food donations in the campaign organized by us and distributed products to such persons in urgent need of assistance.
Given the evolution of the phenomenon of migration in the last period, we considered our humanitarian involvement imperative, to provide assistance to these people who were forced to leave their countries because of conflicts.
With the support of the US Embassy in Bucharest, Romania JRS will provide emergency assistance for immigrants arriving in Romania, through the project “Emergency Support for vulnerable Refugees arriving through the Black Sea”.
Assistance will consist of packages that will be awarded directly to the people at the detection at sea (in pots) or at the border, at the time of unloading them and when accommodating them in centers of Points Border Crossing (PTF) or in special centers Accommodation located in proximity PTF. Packages will include food, medicines and other basic medical supplies, water, mattresses.
Through cooperation with Romanian Border Police, we will equip their reception spaces with tents, beds and blankets.
JRS Romania take on its mission as through all global network of JRS International, through strengthening the capacity to respond quickly and flexibly in an emerging new situations.
JRS as an international organization, was founded 25 years ago, at the Jesuit Father Pedro Arrupe initiative, with the willingness to engage in the crisis of offering support for Vietnamese citizens arriving by sea.

The press release can be read here.

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