Get involved! Become a volunteer of the organization JRS Romania and offer your free time in order to support a refugee!

This is one of the main activities of our organization with volunteers – escorting refugees. JRS Romania staff and volunteers of the organization are known for their proximity to the people who which we offer our help, being present in refugee centers in various cities as well as in other locations.

Accompaning a refugee is the essentiall work of JRS, an ideal and one of the main pillars of our mission. In this way, we specify the size of our work and the help we give … wanting to put an emphasis on the mission to be with a refugee and not just to do something for him. We want our presence among the refugees to be one in which we can share, make friends, going along with them along the same road.

Support refugees and do something useful and meaningful to your life thorugh the help you are giving.

You can help refugees to learn Romanian, I can accompany them to the doctor, you can contribute to recreational activities for children, you can give them time to talk with them, inform or just to listen. As a volunteer you can get involved in many of our educational activities, multicultural, sports-recreational, social and legal assistance, research, fundraising and organizing awareness campaigns etc. JRS Romania supports volunteering and encourages the involvement of a large number of volunteers in the development of projects for assistance.

Hundreds of volunteers have passed the threshold of our organization, many of them through collaboration with the Faculty of social work, Medicine, Law, Psychology and others and also through the group of friends of our organization we are able to bring added value to the services we offer refugees.

Opening higher education institutions makes more and more students to focus on social programs for refugees and forced migrants, programs that allow them to meet new professional horizons and even respond to new challenges.

JRS Romania provides training for volunteers for their work to be of a high standard and to providethem a strong motivation. In addition, you have the possibility to explore the activities and roles that fit within a flexible schedule. Dedicated volunteers are rewarded for their time. With us you will sign a voluntary agreement and you will have a job description.

Volunteering is currently considered as professional experience and / or specialized depending on the type of business, whether it is done in their field of study. During the period of voluntary activity and at the end of the voluntary period, a volunteer certificate will be issued and also attached a activity report. You can volunteer mainly in cities like Bucharest and Ilfov county, Galati, Radauti, Suceava, Baia Mare, Timisoara, Giurgiu.

You have the opportunity to help those who need your support, to be part of a young and professional team, to assume responsibilities and to develop your skills useful in the professional life. In our organization we recognize your merits and throughout the voluntary service will be guided and supported by a coordinator. You can also help us in planning activities and to participate in training or informing sessions. Here you will find a team always open to give you confidence. We place a high value on the value of your work!

Join our team and be the change you want in the world!

How to get involved?

To find out what activities you can perform if you have a new idea or project that you want to initiate with us, you just need to contact us (see our Contact page).

Write a post containing:

– A brief description about yourself accompanied by a CV

– The answer to the question: Why do you volunteer?

You will be contacted shortly by one of our colleagues.


There are no jobs available. All offers of employment are published under this heading. Urmaraste us further!

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