Vulnerable persons

Name of the project : “Reimbursable medicines and food”

The specific objective of the project is to cover the urgent basic needs of vulnerable people and supporting them for a temporary period of time as part of their integration into Romanian society.

The target group of the project is made ​​up of refugees and migrants who are in vulnerable situations and do not have enough income to support themselves. They are refugees in Romania which by the statute that they have (people tolerated, people with access to a new asylum procedure, stateless persons in detention) cannot legally work or cannot find a job nor to receive free health care and other social benefits from the state or who, having obtained a form of protection (refugee status, subsidiary protection) because of their vulnerability could not integrate in Romania and are in need of support.

Project activities: providing emergency assistance to procure food, medicine, clothing, personal hygiene products and to subsidize the cost of medical consultations / rent / utilities / transport.

Expected results: providing assistance to at least 60 vulnerable people.

Project implementation period: January to December 2014

Project Budget: RON 15,000;

Location: Bucharest, Romania

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